High probability of wanting to know what happens next!

Conditional Probability of Attraction (The Outlier Prophecies Book 2) - Tina Gower

Ending her first month as an employee for the Accidental Death Department on probation, Kate Hale is afraid that her days are numbered. Now, on her boss's orders, she is a private consultant for a Love Predictions Company that suffers from a security glitch. Eager to prove herself worthy Kate wants nothing more than to solve this case, but the company wants to prevents rather than solve the problem.
Even though this case does not directly involve Ian Becker, the werewolf copper, that doesn't mean that there is no reason to be vigilant. Danger is always closer than you think.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

"It wasn't lurking. Werewolves get protective. It's just an instinct. It's like salivating when you smell tacos."
I'm stunned. Speechless.
Becker just compared obsessing on me to tacos.

After the snuggle session in the first book, Kate and Ian are snuggling together more and more often (bad person if you think there's more involved than snuggling!). Their relationship moves to a whole other level... of awkwardness. While at night Kate is 'temporarily' replacing Becker's pack, during the day they are just two people who don't really know how to act around each other. This new situation causes some comical scenes and also results in an overprotective Becker (though this overprotectiveness is totally justified).
Throughout the second book their relationship changes slowly and as characters they both grow and adjust to their situation.
In my review about the first book I mentioned the lack of information on the characters. In this book this changes because while reading the sequel there are more clues given about the pasts of Kate and Becker. Not much, but enough to keep wondering about; what else. The minor characters are still just there but in this book I didn't have the feeling that I needed more information on them because the main focus was on Kate and Becker. One thing I specifically liked is the fact that even though the attraction between the two is totally obvious, there is no instant and for-ever-together-unconditional-lover-thing going on. They are trying to figure it all out together because they are both not sure what to do with the situation or how to behave towards each other. As realistic as things can be in an Urban Fantasy novel.


An aspect that continues to unfold is the plot that started in the first book. The Outlier Prophecies is something in the background in this sequel but it is still present and mentioned a couple of times. Just this lack of attention paid to this main event keeps me interested and willing to read more because I simply want to know where this is going!
There's also new information on some other species that roam around in this world and something of a historical background story of Angel's Peak. Combine this with a wider view on the environment and the excitement of wanting to know more at the end of this book, I can proudly say that I'm content so far.


Overall there was a steady pace as the story continued. There were no unnecessary detours and I'm more interested in what is going to happen after reading this sequel. I like the fact that, for as far as it's possible in an Urban Fantasy novel, that Gower kept things real and believable. This is a good sequel because the story simply continues towards the end goal, not suddenly changing in style or anything, and I'm still interested to know about what is to come. I give this book 3.5 stars.